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Product Liability Directive


March 11, 2024: A large majority of the European Parliament (MEPs) has approved the text for the new Liability for defective products directive. This will replace the 40 years "old" Product Liability Directive 85/374/EEC, which no longer suits current (online) market practices.

The updated directive provides new consumer protection and liability rules especially for online shopping and purchases directly from third countries. It addresses digital products, emerging technologies and sustainable production. It also removes obstacles consumers may face in getting compensation for defective products. According to the press release, the revamped directive “strikes a careful balance between being an effective instrument for victims of defective products, and providing legal certainty to economic operators in fast-changing markets”. The next step is the formal approval by the European Council and publication in the Official Journal. There will be a transition period of 24 months after which the old product liability directive no longer applies. The adopted text is available here:

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